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Cond0minium Conversions

We can provide legal representation in the conversion of your multi-family home or investment property into a condominium. The nature and extent of this work will include the following:

Drafting of the Master Deed:
The Master Deed specifies what is considered common area and outlines the boundaries of each unit. It will also denote the rights and obligations of the unit owners, including the exclusive right to use areas for each unit which usually consist of basements, porches, storage areas and parking spaces. The Master Deed, when recorded at the Registry of Deeds, will legally create the condominium.

Drafting the Declaration of Trust and By-Laws:
The Declaration of Trust and Bylaws are the documents that create the condominium association, the managing entity of the condominium. The association will have its own bank account into which each unit's monthly condominium fees will be deposited. Through these funds, the association pays all common expenses relative to the condominiums common areas. These expenses usually include maintenance, repair, upkeep, insurance premiums, common water bill and landscaping expenses for the common areas,

Coordinating the Efforts of an Architect and Engineer:
In addition to the expertise of an Attorney, the conversion process requires the efforts of an architect and an engineer or land surveyor. These professionals play important roles in the conversion process. The architect will take measurements of the interior of each unit to be created, including the basement, entry hallways and stairways and any other shared common areas. These plans will also illustrate any exclusive right to use areas that go with each unit such as storage areas. The engineer or land surveyor will prepare a plan of the lot showing where the house sits on the lot including any driveway and garage.

Recording of all Documents in the Appropriate Registry of Deeds:
We will record the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, Master Deed Floor Plans and Site Plan with the Registry of Deeds.

We will walk you through these steps and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Before anything is done, you will have the opportunity to review all of the documents, have each one explained in detail and ask questions. It is this element of customer service and personalized touch that separates us from other attorneys

If you have any questions regarding this process, or feel that you may benefit from our services, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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